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About Selfless 4 Africa

Who we are

We were founded in 2009 by a group of young and idealistic students and professionals; our vision is to bring about positive change in the society, one selfless act at a time.

Our mission is to impact communities in areas of education, healthcare and youth and community empowerment.

We hope to encourage young leaders within their communities to pass forward selfless acts and projects in these fields, to inspire selflessness in the recipients and the community at large, creating a domino effect that will ultimately transform our societies for the better.

What we do

Our Programs

Young Leaders In Education (YLEA)

The YLEA is a Selfless 4 Africa's project which seeks to give grants to young people (university students and corps members) in Nigeria to embark on projects that show exemplary leadership and address a prevalent problem in the community.

Impact Award

Impact Award is a quarterly project that seeks to meet immediate needs of people in the most vulnerable class in the society. It is specifically for Selfless 4 Africa Alumni only.

Fr. Johnpaul Memorial Award

In service to his community as the chaplain of the Nigerian Igbo Catholic Community, Fr. John Paul ensured the integration of the youth in several facets of mass and community celebrations.

Our numbers

Our Projects

African Countries
Orphanages Supplied With Generators and Other Necessities
Toilet Facilities Installed in Schools
University Student Awarded -ELP/CSA Projects
High School Scholarships Awarded

For over a decade, we have been making a difference in different countries across Africa. You can support us by donating.

Recent Initiatives

Jenta Reads Reading Garden

An outdoor sitting area for reading in Jenta Community, Jos, Nigeria.

Library Innovation at Illupeju

Renovating a library serving a school of 300 pupils in Illupeju community, Lagos, Nigeria.

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